Qube can fabricate a custom NEMA electrical enclosure, from a small 12″ x 12″ x 6″ electrical enclosure to an enclosure as large as 90”HX90”WX36”D. These enclosures are built for a variety of applications where sensitive electronics and components need protection from the harshest elements utilizing the latest technologies, materials and designs.

The pictures (above) illustrate a custom console designed for a demanding off-shore environment, that has two separate compartments:

  • The upper section of the enclosure is gasketed and has custom push buttons and an e-stop button cutouts, as specified by the customer.
  • The bottom section is also gasketed and houses proprietary cutouts and attachments.
  • Made from thick .25” PVC Plastic with custom hardware.

This customer sent us the design and we fabricated the product to their specifications. We used tool operated hardware and flush mounted latches, as the customer requested. This is just one example of how Qube can work with a customer’s idea to bring a product to life accurately, quickly and cost-effectively.

Contact our design department at 800.747.8381 in order to get a full scope of the application or what custom functionality you may need for your equipment. You can also shop our range of standard enclosure options and modify it to your specific needs.