Durable Zebra printers are essential in the digital age. Protecting the software inside is critical especially in challenging manufacturing settings. Keeping these printers in action and working hassle-free was our goal with the design of these enclosures so the printers perform at their highest level.

Everyone understands that water and electronics don’t mix. The Qube enclosure will solve the problem of deploying a printer in a harsh, wash-down environment. These enclosures will help protect the printer against water and abrasive chemicals that are often used in a wash-down procedure.

There is a large top door and side door that open to allow full access to the printer for easy label changes. All doors come with cam latches or pull latches. When it is time for washdown, close all the doors and latch them tight.  There is an optional fan/filter system. These enclosures are manufactured with either PVC or Black ABS.

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