In the ever-evolving world of electrical installations, encountering unique challenges is normal for Qube Corporation. This was precisely the case during a recent custom project, where the task was to connect an electrical panel to two control panels. However, a standard wireway solution wouldn’t meet the customer needs due to the requirement for non-standard sizes.

That’s where the expertise and adaptability of our team to customize this project stood out. We opted for a custom-tailored approach, utilizing a combination of standard and custom wireway from QW080848, 8”X8”X48” transitioning into a QW050524, 5”X5”X24” to achieve the desired outcome.

The project culminated in a flawlessly installed wireway system, efficiently connecting the electrical panel to the two control panels. The strategic use of both standard and custom wireway sections, resulted in a solution that was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

This project serves as a testament to our team’s ability to think outside the box and deliver exceptional customer results. By combining our expertise with innovative solutions, we ensure that every project, regardless of its complexity, is completed to the highest standards.

No matter what your wire management needs, Qube’s team can design and build a great solution. Call us at 800.747.8381 to discuss your specific needs and requirements.